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This portion of the wiki is intended for collaboration among members of the Vital Aging Network’s Wellness 50+ program.

Program Description

The Vital Aging Network’s Wellness 50+ program plans to embed sustainable wellness initiatives in four communities over three years. The initiatives will be led by older adults trained through the Vital Aging Network’s Evolve: Re-igniting Self & Community.

The outcome of Wellness 50+ will be measurable changes in behaviors that contribute to wellness and/or positive health outcomes in older adults in one or more of the following categories:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical and Social Activity
  • Healthy Thinking, Feeling, and Being
  • Prevention, Healing, Coping with Chronic Disease

At the conclusion of the pilot program, the Vital Aging Network will develop a replicable model for implementing the Wellness 50+ initiative in communities across the Minnesota and the nation.

Long-term impact of Wellness 50+ is expected to be:

  • Positive behavior changes and improved health indicators among older adults living in the community.
  • Ongoing capacity in the community to plan and implement wellness-related projects.
  • Strong community support for behaviors that contribute to wellness.
  • Better quality of life for older adults through increased wellness.
  • Better community decisions on wellness-related issues for people 50+ because more people will be involved in defining the problem and implementing solutions.
  • Lower healthcare expenditures and lower social service costs due to wide spread behaviors that decrease need for services.