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Sep 232013

Thank you to Kathy Ahlers and Kathy Ramundt for releasing the first of several videos they are producing of Evolve grads talking about their experience. And thanks to Cathy Lue and Miriam Carter for sharing their stories. Visit evolveleaders.org to view the video. Share the videos with others who might be interested in Evolve and add your comments here.

  One Response to “Videos of Evolve Grads Talking about Their Experiences”

  1. These videos illustrate the positive and powerful social change made by Evolve program grads and the strength that comes from being in a class with a great instructor and like-minded folks supporting you. Thanks to Cathy Lue, Miriam Carter and all the other Evolve grads who are sharing their stories this way and to Kathy Ramundt and Kathy Ahlers for developing these videos – great job!