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Oct 222011

If you had only six words to tell someone exactly who you are, what would they be? Past Evolve participants answered that question this way. (Scroll to the bottom to add yours. Tell us your name and where you are taking the class.)

Gary Johnson – July 13, 2011
Enjoy living in my own skin.- Better Business Bureau (Northland Community College)

Julee Ford Young  – April 27, 2011
Deep Hole, Fundamental Change Needed (Inver Hills)

Judy Wolters – January 07, 2011
History repeats, I’m my mother.

Andrea Sander Connett – November 11, 2010
It’s what it is, Move On! (North Hennepin)

Aggie Town – November 10, 2010
Busy but not getting much done. (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Kathy Fischer – November 09, 2010
It is all about the story. (Century College)

Elsa Batica – November 09, 2010
Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Love. Life. Achiever (N0rth Hennepin)

Dianne Feltham – November 02, 2010
Passionate spiritual optimist, funny energized realist! (Inver Hills)

Sandy Wenner – October 26, 20100
I build air castles, sometimes foundations. (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Jim Betzold – October 26, 2010
Optimistic, Seaching, but Life goes on (North Hennepin)

Sandy Holck – October 26, 2010
Cautiously, creatively, compassionately, couragely seeking spirituality. (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Merodie Seykora – October 26, 2010
Earthly, compassionate, creative, considerate, responsible, perpetual (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Lynda Cannova – October 26, 2010
Rural to Urban; Clogs to Stilettos (North Hennepin)

David Schlough – October 13, 2010
I have arrived, I am home. (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Wendy Hennes – October 13, 2010
Changing my thinking, trying new ways. (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Sue Stine – October 10, 2010
Ecstatically teaching, researching, canoeing, reading, knitting. (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Jan Sorell – October 10, 2010
If it ain’t broke, break it. (St. Cloud Technical & Community College)

Amy Unger – October 08, 2010
Creatively balanced, determined, organized, resilient, becoming me. (North Hennepin)

Burton Laine – October 08, 2010
Learn, share, inspire, explore, keep moving. (Century College)

Deborah Pascuzzi – October 08, 2010
Responsible serving caterpillar, compassionate spiritual butterfly (North Hennepin Community College)

Lan Evenson – October 08, 2010
I love coffee, conversation, reading, family. (Minnesota University Mankato)

Lynne Zimmerman – July 25, 2010
Inver Hills – Chaotic Energy, Charged Creativity, Ephemeral Structure (Inver Hills)

Ron Peterson-December 10,2009
Lived, Loved, Learned, Experienced Sanity and Serenity (Century College)

Carol-Jean Meldahl – November 23, 2009
Living heartfully from the inside out. (Century College)

Sally Burdick – November 12, 2009
Compassionate, caring, but not so artistic (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

Carol T – November 11, 2009
Lived Life Retired Working Determined Bull-dog

Armella Willaert – November 02, 2009
Life Surely begins at 80 Plus taking the class (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

Barbara Kilbourne – November 01, 2009
Dove in first, marked twain later. (Inver Hills)

Jerome Noel – October 27, 2009
Trainer, leader, creating own healthcare business (Inver Hills)

Paula Watkins – October 27, 2009
Happy, spirit-filled girl with naked doll. (Century College)

Ruth Goettig – October 27, 2009
Jazz vocalist, improvising with life’s chord changes. (Century College)

Lydia Jarmulowicz – October 27, 2009
Have fear, but do it anyway. (Century College)

Marilyn Lott – October 27, 2009
“Enjoying the butterful stage of life.” This is from a necklace I received from my children stating “Just when the caterpillar thought the world his world was ending, she became a butterfly!” Marilyn Lott; (Mankato, MN)

Lisa Harmon – October 27, 2009
This light of mine, shine, shine (Century College)

Dick Kavaney – October 27, 2009
OTD looking to unearth fertile soil (Century College)

  4 Responses to “Share Your Six-word Autobiography”

  1. Linda Sulsberger – November 9, 2011
    daughter, mother, grandma, friends, coworkers – greatful (Arapahoe Community College)

  2. Faith, Family, Friends, Fabric, Looking Forward (St Paul College)

  3. Merry Roth – December 4, 2011
    Do it right, make it fun. (Saint Paul College)

  4. Faith.  Family.  Football.  In that order.  (Wilder Center, St. Paul MN)