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These are additional resources that have come to our attention and that you might find helpful. Also checkout the bibliography in the back of the Evolve Participant’s Guide and the Vital Communities Toolkit on the Vital Aging Network website.

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Old On Purpose Trailer from
David Carey
on Vimeo.

How much of what we think it means to be old is based on misleading notions furthered by our youth-oriented culture? How would we approach our later years if we saw them as a time to fully discover our self and our purpose?

These are the questions David Carey is attempting to answer in a documentary he describes as “about a growing positive aging revolution that could change the paradigm of being ‘old’.” The documentary is in the planning stage, but David has produced an excellent trailer video with interviews of Connie Goldman, Richard Leider, and many others. Take a few minutes to watch and see what else Carey is working on at


This video will provide you with an overview of the Benevon™ system for building sustainable funding from lifelong individual donors. This system ends the suffering about fundraising and builds passionate and committed lifelong donors. Watch videos.


TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. “Riveting talks by remarkable  people, free to the world.” Check it out!

Intergenerational Connections

Generation X and The Millennials: What You Need to Know About Mentoring the New Generations
by Diane Thielfoldt and Devon Scheef
This article is recommended by Josefina Tuason, working with the Colorado Evolve class. It is a great discussion about  the values, strengths, and preferences of people in younger generations and what they suggest for mentoring and working with them.

Personality Test

Identify Your Type with Jung Typology Test™.
This is a short free, online test based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers typological approach to personality.


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  1. I couldn’t wait until January’s Class to share my article with everyone – this is a powerfull video that I think should be included durning the first class meeting. I hope I get the link correct. the film is called “Imagine Leadership”

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