Oct 222011

How did you find your passion in life?

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  1. When life didn’t go according to Plan A, I started Plan B Connections. My passion is to build community through neighbors helping neighbors in these tough economic times when we all feel socially isolated and concerned about what the future holds. I hope to build Minnesota’s first Resilience Circles through which we will have stronger communities and more meaningful connections with each other.

  2. I worked for over 10 years in business, but never felt like I was doing more than “a job.” I worked for good companies, but just never felt a visceral connection to what I was doing. That changed when I responded to an ad from a non-profit human services organization. The value driven mission was clear and compelling. The encouragement to create new ways of working, to focus on each individual and their aspirations, and to learn and grow in the process connected me to what I needed to accomplish.

    I worked almost 30 years in older adult services, in later years consulting with non-profit boards of directors who wanted to hone their governance skills. A couple of years ago, I made a change to work with children in pre-K to help them read when they reached kindergarten. My passion is working together with people, whether they are clients or team mates, for the enjoyment of accomplishing something together that helps others.

  3. I think my lifework found me, almost as if it were predestined, or were genetically wired into me. Appreciation of nature has always been with me and like a good nights sleep if I don’t get enough of it, do not do well. I found the older I got the less nature I was exposed to, I did not do as well. My life did not go according to P lan A, B or C. During good times and bad times the one thing that stayed constant in my life was the restorative properties of Nature. There was nothing like a 14 week expedition into the wilderness to set your mind straight. The climbing of 14,000 foot peak to provide you scale. For me most of all – is one place in particular on the shores of Lake Superior. Actually any place along Lake Superior where the powerful breakers crashing into resilient rocks or to calm waters reflect sparkling sun. Those dancing waters speak to me and provide me with renewal. Therefore my passion to share nature with others really found me.

    • Good for you Brad! I want to talk more with you about your goals. Are you familiar with Wilderness Inquiry?

      • Chris As it happens I’ve known a few Wilderness Inquiry staffers. Dale Eggert and Jenni O’Link surface to my mind right off, there are two to three more. I actually hired Jenni when she was 16 to be one of our seasonal park service officers when I worked for Public Safety Department of the Park District. I don’t know if you caught in class that I am also the single caregiver for both my parents, living with them so they can age in place. 12 step program hum combined with a wilderness respite retreat option now your talking collaboration. If you have time after class on Friday we could discuss what you have in mind —see I can creatively think, and develop ideas — it is hard to influence others that is my weakness as it pertians to leadership streangths. See you Friday! Brad