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Feb 012012

Great article in today’s StarTribune by Nancy Giguere, Evolve: Re-igniting Self & Community grad.


I was in high school when my father retired. He was then in his mid-60s. He was an electrician who had worked hard since his late teens, so — understandably — he wanted to take it easy. We had just moved into an older home,…

  One Response to “My Good Life: No Rocking Chair for this Retire”

  1. Nancy, what a great article in the Strib! I love your switch to the new work of Yoga teaching and gardening as you taper off from the success of your writing career. I’d liken it to moving to the sunbelt, but rather than just shift your self and your stuff to another location, you have taken on new meaning, new work and new connections in your familiar neighborhood. A much more refreshing change, I think. Thanks for taking us along. Your article was energy-giving!