Kristine Gjerde

  • This is the first of a series of eight installments related to physical fitness entitled: Think of Exercise as a Pill that Promotes Long Life and a Whole Lot More. New entries on this topic will appear weekly for […]

    • I am now leading a group at Episcopal Homes doing chair exercises which last about 35-40 minutes. It is a routine sponsored by the Sister Kenny Foundation and one of the physical therapist’s stated he liked it because it worked every muscle. After the exercises I usually read a short article regarding the benefits of exercising in general to help reinforce the necessity of continuing performing these.

      Not only does it help improve the body, but most of all, it helps the brain due to increase oxygen flow. A friend of mine, who is a therapist, would not take on a client suffering from depression if he/she was not willing to do a certain amount of exercise per week. It was part of her treatment plan. Looking forward to the next article. 

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