Evolve: Re-igniting Self & Community is a program of the Vital Aging Network (VAN), headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Vital Aging Network promotes self-determination, civic engagement, and personal growth for people as they age. The Evolve program is one of VAN’s flagship programs.

The program was founded in 2003 while VAN was a project of the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing Education. The curriculum was developed in partnership with Volunteers of America with input from leaders in the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

Evolve leverages the experience, skills, and passions 
of people 50+ 
for the common good. The program produces outcomes that benefit the individual involved in the program, organizations connected with the work, and the communities where individuals live and contribute. Evolve produces:

  • Individual transformations
  • Project outcomes that improve organizations
  • Cadre of 50+ civic leaders that provide ongoing leadership that improves communities and society