Evolve Projects


Evolve Projects 2009 through 2015″In all of us there are undiscovered gifts, untested strengths.”
—John Gardner in On Leadership

Evolve: Re-igniting Self & Community combining learning with concrete action. A civic leadership project gives you an opportunity to test what you are learning about leadership, practice new skills, and possibly find some new strengths in yourself. In the class, you will plan and implement a civic leadership project that:

  1. Connects to something you have passion about
  2. Requires your leadership
  3. Requires that you work collaboratively with others to achieve your goals
  4. Addresses a public issue, “individual or collective action . . .[that] address[s] a public concern or an unmet human, educational, health care, environmental, or public safety need.” (from Older Americans Act 2006)
  5. Produces measurable results
  6. Is doable within eight months to a year

No need to worry, though. We will help you each step of the way. By time the class is done you will be amazed what you can accomplish.

Read stories about some of the work people have done in the past or take a look at project summaries from past classes:

Evolve Projects 2009 through 2015 (Excel format)

2014-2015 Projects
Download a list of 2014-2015 Evolve Projects (Word format) (PDF format)

2013–2014 Projects
Download a list of 2013-2014 Evolve Projects (Word format)  (PDF format)

2012-2013 Projects
Download a list of 2012-2013 Evolve Projects (Word format)  (PDF format)

2011-2012 Projects
Download a list of 2011-2012 Evolve Projects (Word format)

2010-2011 Projects
Download a list of 2010-2011 Evolve Projects (Word format)

2009-2010 Projects
Download a list of 2009-2010 Evolve Projects (Word format)

2008–2009 Projects
Download a list of 2008-2009 Evolve Projects (Word format)