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Jun 152013

Evolve participants ask the questions who what where when howNine people attended the “Ongoing Evolve/ALVA Networking Group” meeting on June 14. (Plus Julie for a few moments–thank you so much for bringing the coffeepot and making the coffee!! oh, and for bringing the Evolve brochures, too…and thanks to Kathy Ramundt for assistance in cleaning up afterward, among other things.)

Despite the speaker not showing up (one person hoped aloud that he hadn’t died; I’m hopeful about that, too….e-mailed but haven’t heard yet what happened), we turned lemons to lemonade, getting an update on the group of four from our Evolve class who worked together on a project relating to how to have conversations with adult children about end-of-life choices. Had a lively and heart-felt discussion that involved all who attended. Also did a little resource sharing with the two new people who were there who have “social enterprise” business ideas and may be interested in Evolve; Julie did a quick promo about Evolve to them.

The group brainstormed themes for future meetings, settling on “Using Pinterest for your nonprofit project or business” for the July 12th meeting (9:30-11:30 am at Wilder Center). Note: Pinterest is now the third most popular social media site, after Facebook and Twitter. We each are going to make a basic Pinterest account before the next meeting so we have a little sense of what’s involved.

Kathy Ramundt also took some video that might be useful in an Evolve promo piece, and yes, we did get a model release from the person she recorded. This effort is ongoing.

If anyone would like to present at a meeting an overview and update on their Evolve project (if it’s an ongoing venture that you continue to be involved with), and/or to “use” this group for feedback and ideas on that or another topic or project potentially of interest to attendees, please let me know and we can talk about it and possibly schedule you for a particular date. The loose structure would allow a half hour to forty-five minutes for presentation plus Q&A.

Question: is there a brochure for that three-session discussion series that came from the Aging with Gusto pilot program? If any of us notice a place that might like to run that, we could be spreading the word, and it would be great to have something to hand them. I’m assuming there’s a fee to the sponsoring agency, or the attending people, which helps support VAN operations.

Thank you for your interest and support!
Kathy Ahlers

  3 Responses to “Evolve Networking Group June 14 Meeting”

  1. Great idea, Kathy, to suggest places to use the Aging with Gusto program. The Vital Aging Network’s agreement with Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health and other partners is to provide the discussion guides free of charge.

    • So, the discussion guides must be given free. Is it then precluded from VAN offering paid facilitation or coordination, as well, if a group requests it? Or is that a grey area?

  2. The session on Friday was wonderful! Thanks, Kathy, for getting this going.