Anita M. Olson

Abdella Hersho

Alberta Adams

Ann Clayton


Annette Finstad

Annette Merry


Barb McClintock

Barbara Kilbourne

Beth Bedell

Betsy Huston

Moved from Cedar Rapids,Iowa, November 2011. Serving as a Americorps/VISTA member with Northern Pines Mental Health Center in Brainerd area. Project is Veterans Mental Health Issues.

Betsy Kiekhafer

Bette Forberg

Bev Bachel

Beverlee Tramontin

Bill Brekken

Brad Blackett

Bonnie Wilson

I am currently a volunteer and consultant for libraries and archives as well as other non-profits. I am a beekeeper, a gardener, a grandmother, and like to boat, walk, and travel.

John M. Bowden

Bruce Seiber

Cathy DeSutter

Carol Kronholm

Carol Neumann


Cathy Lue

Chris McGinty

Christine M Wilson

Cindy Engen

Claire Henn

Connie Bowen

Connie Eastman

Cyndi Walter

Dale Thompson

Deborah Jones

Debra Jones

David Fink

Don Heinzman

Donna Nordin

Elissa Hartwig

A native of Brainerd, Minnesota, Elissa Hartwig settled on the Rice Lake family property purchased more than 50 years ago. The wooded, pristine setting has been instrumental in forming her fascination and love of nature which is exhibited by many years in the horticulture industry. Elissa currently holds certifications as a Minnesota Master Naturalist and DNR Minn-Aqua Educator.
The seasonal employment of the horticulture industry led Elissa to pursue additional financial resources to supplement living expenses. In 2000, she obtained her Minnesota Real Estate license and continues to be an active Realtor with Brainerd area based, Aspen Real Estate Services, LLC.
In August of 2012, Elissa graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Community Psychology from St. Cloud State University. In combination with her earlier AA degree in Business Management from Central Lakes College, she intends on pursuing a career focused on counseling clients with mental health needs in a holistic setting. She believes nature is a vital component in the healing process and hopes to incorporate the natural world into the therapeutic practice.

Ellie Bjornson

Emily Strand Justman

Estelle Fox


Fun Fun Cheng

Gene McCracken

Georgia Anderson

Hal Schroer


Harry Wernecke

Heidi Ryan

Jackie Chlebeck

Jackie Edison

Jan Fillmore

Jan Marie Lundgren


Jeanne Howell

Jeanne Ravich

Jessica Boyer

Jill Goski


Joanna Lees

John Sandgren



Joyce Libra


Judy Beardsley


Judy Harvey

Judy Lewis

Julie Huisman

Julie Pfab

Julie Roles

Kale Hedstrom

Karel Smith

Karen West

Karen Nordstrom

Kathleen Borowy

Kathy Ahlers

Kathy Carlson


Kathy Klietz

Dick Kavaney



Kirsten Minnerath

Kris Orluck

Kristine Betz

Kristine Gjerde

LaRhae Knatterud


Laurie Mattila

Lynda Cannova

Lee Cunningham

Lila Koivisto

Linda Nelson

Linda Case

Linda Sulsberger

Lisa Cook

Liz Plunkett

Lyn Culbert

Lynette Reiling

Lynn Graves

Marcia Robert

My career was in public health education/planning. As a retiree, I enjoy going to YW in St Paul, walking, community events and socializing.

Marie Arriaga

Marion McCarthy

Mark Rubbert

Mark Skeie

Mark Skeie is the Executive Director of the Vital Aging Network. He retired in 2003 after 34 years with the 3M Company. He is an 2004 graduate of the Evolve program.

Marky Williamson


Mary Abbey

Mary Hendrickson

Mary Jo Bibby


Mary Kowalski

Mary Krueger


Mary Quirk

Sister Mary St. Martin

Mary Markham

Melanie Chancellor

Merry Roth

Mia Bremer

Michelle Labeau

Mary Jo Schifsky

Nancy Eustis

I am a retired professor from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of MN, a member of VAN’s Leadership Group, and former chair of VAN. I graduated from Evolve in 2011. My project was my work leading VAN. I have expertise in aging policy, long-term care and program evaluation. I am glad to be a resource to Evolve members.

Nancy Giguere

Nancy O'Brien

Nancy Smith

Pam Hayle

Pamela Zimmerman

Pat O'Hara

Pat O'Brien

Patricia Leonard

Patsy Murphy

Pearl Hunt-McCain


Peter Redmond

Pola Rest

Priscilla Pope

Ralph Winn

Richard Long

Rick Ziton

Robin Austin

Ron Nies



Scott Halstead

Sherie Bartsh

Sherrie Pugh

Sheryl Furness

Sheryl Fairbanks

Sonja Kuhn


Susan Davis

Susan Hawkins


Susan Scarborough

Susan Maples

Suzanne Sudmeier

Tara Tieso

Mary (Teena) Bacigalupi

Terri Mattila


Tony Tigges

Tracey Baker

Tracy Godfrey

Twila Pierce

I work for the City of Eagle Bend and involved in many community projects. The most important things in my life are family and friends. I was asked to do a six word biography and this is what I came up with “Make difference for family and friends.”

Amy Unger

Walter Griffin

Warren Wolfe

Wendy Danko

William (Bill) Read

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